ESI Protocol Consulting

Set your case up for success.

Engaging your eDiscovery team from the beginning is the best way to ensure you get a successful result for your client. Consulting about ESI preparedness, protocols, and the discovery process early will set your case up for success from the start and prevent issues down the road.

Complete Legal can help you develop and negotiate your ESI protocol and assist you in drafting and responding to RFPs. We have mastered the art of proportionality. Whether you are requesting or producing, we can help ensure you produce or receive only what you need, saving you and your client both time and money.

Finding an advocate to advise you on these potential issues is critical if you are not comfortable with the nuances related to ESI protocols.

Consult with your case team early.

Whether you are on the plaintiff’s or defense side of a case, the amount of money you spend on eDiscovery will largely be determined before you even start reviewing data. A trained and experienced eDiscovery expert can save you exponential amounts of time and money.

This is achieved by:

  • Understanding the merits of the case and your case strategy
  • Knowing the places where responsive data is most likely to reside
  • Ultimately, helping to determine what’s important and what isn’t
  • Developing a comprehensive discovery plan that will govern decisions throughout the process

After consulting, we can accurately predict your eDiscovery spend – during the collections, processing, and hosting phase of your project – to ensure it matches your case strategy and works with your overall case value.

Rediscover eDiscovery.

Let’s talk about how we can help you get the information you need to minimize messes and be successful. Our rates are designed with your success in mind — to help you maximize the value of your cases as well as Complete Legal’s value to you.

Regardless of where you are in your case, let’s schedule a no cost consult as soon as possible so we can begin to strategize and solve your eDiscovery, once and for all.

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