Data acquisition & normalization

We exist to collect for you, not from you.

During most disputes there are dozens of potentially relevant sources of electronically stored information (ESI) from emails to mobile devices to social media and more.

Complete Legal will work with you to identify each custodian first. Then we will create a process to help you consider each possible device, application and source of relevant data in your specific case.

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Data Collection Cellebrite

Cut costs with in-house data collection.

Complete Legal is one of the only eDiscovery companies in the region with our own forensics team. With us, your eDiscovery strategy, data collection, database review and production all happen under one roof.

We can acquire most ESI from custodians on site or remotely – so active custodians are not without their devices for any significant period of time where possible.

Our forensics team can also testify as to how they collected the data in court – cutting out another potential third party.


Certified in all sources.

Complete Legal collects and organizes digital communications into one, easily searchable database.

Emails & Attachments
Emails & Attachments
Social Media Metadata
Social Media Metadata
File Share<br/>Drives
File Share
Software & Business Tools
Software & Business Tools
Plus Everything Else Digital
Plus Everything Else Digital

Cellebrite – the leader in mobile collections.

Complete Legal partners with Cellebrite to access and decode information from mobile devices. Cellebrite accesses cell phones, tablets and even drones for the FBI, CIA and local law enforcement agencies too.


Rediscover eDiscovery.

Regardless of where you are in your case, let’s schedule a no cost consult as soon as possible so we can begin to strategize and solve your eDiscovery, once and for all.

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