eDiscovery expertise at your disposal.

When we say “services,” we mean it. Too many of our competitors offer one-size-fits-all solutions and charge outrageous fees for it.

Whether you choose one or all of the options below, our experts will actually serve you – listening, learning and answering all your eDiscovery questions. We will work as an extension of your team – providing recommendations, education and most importantly, value.

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Emails & Attachments
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Plus Everything Else Digital

Experience value beyond eDiscovery.

eDiscovery Consulting

Our clients benefit from our deep pool of experienced industry and legal professionals who consult on both a proactive and reactive basis.

When you’re in the heat of a discovery battle (or internal investigation), you need immediate action. Our team is experienced in jumping in and providing tangible value from the first call. Whether you need to create and negotiate an ESI protocol, to craft an expert position letter or affidavit for use in a hearing, or if you need us to testify in any number of situations, we have the knowledge and experience to support your mission.

When not in the heat of litigation, our team can provide immeasurable value with information governance and data management reviews that make your next discovery request a more straightforward experience.

andrew meinheit data collections

Forensic Examination & Collection

With Complete Legal, collecting and reviewing data is easier than ever. Our nationwide team has the training, certification, and tactical experience to handle any situation that comes our way.

Our Forensic Examiners and Data Acquisition Engineers work to ensure our clients are given reasonable expectations, and that those expectations are exceeded whenever possible. When something isn’t possible we’ll be up front with that information so you can be efficient in your time and spend.

We can acquire most ESI from custodians remotely – so active custodians are not without their devices for any significant period of time.

Review Databases

Complete Legal’s eDiscovery professionals will design a functional database to help you achieve your goals, including identifying the right search terms, designing the ideal workflow, training reviewers, and providing and/or managing doc review teams.

We provide access to all of the leading legal databases and work to get our clients in the correct platform for the needs of their case.

Managed Review

Complete Legal provides review design and management services. From customized review process designs to executing 1st pass, 2nd pass and managing the review, we have you covered.

Our consultants and project managers seamlessly work with your case from inception through conclusion meaning that your team will be with you, even through the execution of the review.

Our goals remain the same, to help you get through your document review on time and on budget. By beginning our process with the end in mind, all of our customized reviews are sure to reduce the production deadline panic.

Paper Services

Complete Legal can streamline all your discovery under one highly-skilled and experienced roof. Our traditional paper discovery services include:

  • Photocopying, scanning and printing if needed to produce documents to opposing counsel
  • Digitizing paper records so you can review all your discovery
  • OCR, LDD, indexing and coding
  • Document labeling and exhibit numbering
  • Exhibit mounting and trial preparation
  • Oversize reproduction
  • On-site scanning services
  • Trial support services

Experience value beyond eDiscovery.

Our true value often comes not from our eDiscovery solutions, but from our forward-looking offerings in the areas of information
governance and data management.

Whether it’s ensuring your organization has the correct data retention policy or auditing your organization’s compliance to your existing policies, we can set you up for savings and reduced risk exposure.

Contact our team of industry professionals to get started.