William Norton

William Norton

Customer Service Representative

William coordinates with our clients and teams to ensure we exceed expectations and deliver on time. He ensures all our projects meet Complete Legal’s high standards for quality.

I feel that when our clients succeed, then I succeed. I make it my personal responsibility to ensure I’m doing all that I can to fulfill their needs.

We have the time, resources, and skills that will ensure the best outcome for your firm. Whether it be for a trial, depositions, or discovery we are a one-stop shop. We ensure a quality product.

There have been countless times when an unexpected project will come in and we will have to work late, on a weekend, or perhaps come in early to ensure its completion. Though it is not ideal, we take pride in going above and beyond to help in the success of our clients.

I got into this line of work by pure luck. I started as a Document Specialist and worked my way up to where I am today. I love what I do. I like the fast pace. I like the way it feels when we get a large project to the finish line, but most of all, I like the people I work with.

Sneakers, football (the Indianapolis Colts, NOT the Chiefs), the gym, and my family

I am from the suburbs of KC. I was the youngest of four. I was raised to work hard, be kind, patient, gracious, and show respect to all.

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