Samarah Mungo

Samarah Mungo

Executive Assistant

Samarah helps everything run smoothly and truly makes our days better. She supports the company's executives with daily administrative, billing, and marketing tasks, and runs our Complete Legal Cares program.

I truly appreciate the core values of Complete Legal as well as the culture of the company which puts employees and clients as a top priority.

When I moved to Kansas City, I was looking for a part-time role with a family and team that I loved to be with. I found Complete Legal, and our team is what keeps me loving my job every day!

You will be working with a team who truly cares about their clients and puts the clients’ needs first.

I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin in a hardworking family. My father is Jamaican, and I grew up working in our Jamaican family restaurant.

By giving my best every day and doing all I can to support and provide backup to our team of excellent workers – even if it is something as simple as a smile to brighten someone’s day and to make coming to work more enjoyable.

I am passionate about my faith and working with the deaf and hard of hearing.

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