Ryan Bauer

Ryan Bauer

Operations Manager

Ryan and his team manage our traditional services projects and are responsible for our clients' entire experience from project origination all the way through production and delivery. Ryan leads our team of Document Specialists and Customer Service Representatives to ensure we meet or exceed expectations on each project entrusted to our team. Ryan leverages his 20 years of experience in litigation support to help lead our overall effort to solve our clients' discovery problems.

More often than not, we take the seemingly impossible and make it possible.

It’s personal service, a high level of understanding, deep experience, and recognition that there is always more than one way to help our clients achieve their goals.

Taking care of our clients unifies us all regardless of our vastly different backgrounds and outside interests.

We’re not a conglomerate so you wouldn’t experience this with us.

Longevity. I’ve been in this industry for almost fifteen years, and it’s humbling to look back on that first day.

I was born in Kansas and raised mostly in Omaha. I am a proud alum of The University of Kansas.

Pearl Jam and trying to hit the pause button on my son growing up too fast.

Rediscover eDiscovery.

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