Robert Ebersole

Robert Ebersole

eDiscovery Specialist

Robert prepares electronic data so clients can review, filter through, and access all the information they need to succeed. He also prepares productions to make this process painless for clients.

We work to deliver complete, accurate, and ready-to-use data for clients – to help them with the challenge of preparing and presenting.

Being behind the scenes, I stay persistent, thorough, and resourceful.

I moved to this field of work from an Information Technology background.

I enjoy having new challenges each day and the flexibility to balance my career with personal pursuits.

As an eDiscovery specialist, I provide clients the ability to discover, review, and filter through large amounts of electronic data (messages, documents, images, etc.). I prepare electronic information using various workflow tools and processes.

After clients have determined which items are relevant or required to produce, we prepare the productions according to established protocols and case or client requirements.

I grew up in Kansas City and have enjoyed being here with my family.

I am focused on my faith, my family, and my friends. I spend the majority of my time supporting these important areas of my life.

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