Eric Kelting

Eric Kelting

Co-Founder, Director of eDiscovery

Eric co-leads Complete Legal’s strategic vision while overseeing its accounting, finance, HR, insurance, and contracting. He helps manage the many operational needs of a growing businesses.

Publications and Presentations
Co-Presenter of Iowa Continuing Legal Education

Trends in eDiscovery CLE

May 2014 | Des Moines, IA

I’m not surprised. It’s one of the reasons Jeff and I started Complete Legal. Our previous company was owned by a variety of private equity firms. We learned quickly that most PE firms only care about profit – and it doesn’t matter if it comes at the expense of the employees or clients.

Complete Legal prioritizes employees and clients. If we do what’s best for those two groups, we believe profit will be generated, but it’s never the primary focus.

We get to work with really awesome, interesting people. There are always new challenges with evolving technology and eDiscovery. I love growing a great company with awesome people and a strong culture.

We’ve built a company with amazing people. Our people make the difference, and we have an awesome team. Our team includes eDiscovery professionals, former litigation paralegals, and folks from outside the legal industry all together. We have a great culture because we hire great people, and it shows.

I was born and raised in Wichita, KS. I attended Wichita East High before attending the University of Kansas where I met my wife, Tracy.

Outside of Complete Legal, I also serve as the President of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization KC. As a first-time business owner, I wanted to connect with a group of peers, other entrepreneurs who could relate to my experiences and offer insight. I value the opportunity to contribute to and lead this great organization.

My family is everything to me. I have two sons. Evan plays tennis, chess, and loves video games. Will plays basketball, football, and I am the head coach of his baseball team.

My wife Tracy and I enjoy spending time with friends and traveling.

I love watching the Chiefs, Royals, and Jayhawks.

With my free time in 2020, I decided to start learning how to play the acoustic guitar.

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