Bradette Groves

Bradette Groves

Director of Business Development

Bradette Groves has a 15-year history of developing solid eDiscovery strategies and helping plaintiff and defense attorneys deliver their strongest cases. Bradette is an expert at testifying in court. She has significant trial and litigation experience and is a certified paralegal.

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Publications and presentations
eDiscovery and Litigation

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Kansas City Paralegal Association


I had one case where we were brought in at the 11th hour, and I was able to fix a whole host of discovery problems the client created themselves because they didn’t know better.

Opposing counsel (four firms) panicked and quickly hired litigation counsel to come in for my testimony. We won 28 out of 30 asks in a motion, and plaintiff’s counsel received the biggest verdict in Missouri in 2019.

I pretend my clients are me. What would I have wanted when I was in their shoes? I try to give that to them, all while making sure we have a business to run.

I want them to be armed with knowledge. Knowledge is power.

We are here to help you all around – figure out your strategy, case budget, and what is the best way for YOU to succeed. Not me. Not Complete Legal. You will not lose if you are doing what is best for your clients. It’s a relationship. When you continue to feed it, it will grow, and it will, in turn, do what’s best for you also.

The freedom to treat our clients the way they need to be treated.

I have two kids, Eleanor (6) and Whitt (4), who are my life. My family is from Oklahoma, and we visit them often, going to the lake.

I currently enjoy fixing up my new house and getting the kids out of it as often as possible. We do not sit still. I am an avid lover of sports and attend anything I can. If you’re from Oklahoma, you have to love sports, especially football. I’ve played competitive sports all my life. I still play lawyer league every year and love it.

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