Part One – People and Focus

At Complete Legal, success drives support, which drives further success. We have undergone a transformative journey in 2024, solidifying our position as an independent powerhouse in the legal industry. Our recent accelerated evolution began with a strategic merger announced on January 9, combining the expertise of Complete Legal, L2 Services of Chicago, and Precise Legal of St. Louis. This merger marked a significant milestone for us, creating a veteran-led, employee-owned firm dedicated to delivering exceptional customer value. This strategic merger, coupled with our acquisition of Frontline Managed Service’s eDiscovery unit, accelerated our ability to support client needs, particularly in the growing segment of traditional paper services, ensuring that our commitment to excellence supports our clients and contributes to their success in achieving positive outcomes.

Our Experts and Experience

To support the growing segment of traditional paper services, we have enhanced our organizational structure to ensure that all employees have opportunities for growth in this critical area of the business. Adam Hunter, one of our industry expert leaders in this area, has also been appointed as the President of Traditional Services. In this role, Adam will provide strategic vision and direction, identify large-scale projects, establish contractual relationships, and oversee all staff at the paper offices and hubs. His leadership will be crucial for us going forward as we navigate the increased demand for traditional paper services while ensuring seamless execution across teams.

Andrea White, another one of our senior leaders and our Director of Operations, will work closely with Adam to manage day-to-day operations and implement strategic initiatives in this segment of our business. Andrea’s extensive experience in operations management will be instrumental in optimizing processes and enhancing service delivery. Her role will also involve coordinating with various departments to ensure that the paper services division operates smoothly and efficiently. Andrea’s ability to streamline processes and foster interdepartmental collaboration will be key in maintaining the high standards we are known for.

Ryan Bauer has also been promoted to National Sales Director for all traditional services. With two decades of experience in the legal services industry, Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to surpassing client expectations. His expertise in sales and client relations will be pivotal in expanding the business and delivering the exceptional service clients expect. Ryan’s role will focus on driving sales growth, developing new client relationships, and maintaining high levels of client satisfaction. His strategic approach to client engagement and business development will help position us as the preferred provider for traditional paper services.

Eric Singer, our CEO, has expressed his confidence in the team stating, “I know this team will exceed in these new roles and help meet our clients’ needs with excellence and dedication. Their combined experience and commitment to service are exactly what we need to continue delivering high-quality traditional paper services.” This endorsement highlights our commitment at the highest level to fostering talent and ensuring that leadership roles are filled by individuals who are not only experienced but also deeply committed to our company’s vision.

Closing the Print Loop with Proven Focus

Our commitment to delivering a world-class customer experience is evident in our response to the increased demand for traditional paper services. Unlike many eDiscovery providers that have moved away from paper services due to valuation and private equity considerations, we, as an independently-owned company, are uniquely positioned to fill this gap and meet our clients’ needs. Our strategic mergers and acquisitions have accelerated our ability to support client needs, particularly in the area of traditional paper services. By choosing our services, organizations can trust they are partnering with a leader in digital document management. The combination of expertise, comprehensive solutions, tailored approaches, enhanced security, a proven track record, and a commitment to client success makes us the ideal choice for all document management and discovery needs.

Part Two – Needs and Offerings

There has been a notable trend among eDiscovery providers in recent years to move away from traditional paper services. Many have deprioritized or eliminated these services due to valuation and private equity considerations. However, we recognize the enduring importance of traditional paper services and the unique needs of our clients. Our clients have consistently expressed a need for reliable, high-quality paper services, and we are committed to meeting that demand.

Since the merger and acquisition activities of January 2024, we have experienced tremendous growth across all areas of our business, particularly in traditional paper services. While unexpected, this expansion in our paper services division has been driven by and met with enthusiasm from our clients, who appreciate our ability to handle complex, multi-city projects. The surge in demand highlights the necessity of prioritizing traditional paper services, making it a significant part of our business model.

Our Needs-Based Focus on Traditional Paper Services

Several factors have driven the increased demand for traditional paper services. Firstly, client trust and satisfaction have been paramount. Clients have been thrilled with our ability to manage complex projects across multiple cities. This capability has led to more business and referrals, further boosting our growth. The trust clients place in us stems from our consistent delivery of high-quality services and our ability to adapt to client needs.

Secondly, there is a substantial market need for high-quality traditional paper services. Many other providers have moved away from this area, creating a crucial gap in the market. Our decision to focus on traditional paper services has filled this gap, addressing a vital need for many organizations that still rely heavily on physical documentation. This focus has not only helped us stand out in the market but has also reinforced our reputation as a comprehensive service provider.

Thirdly, by integrating traditional paper services with our digital discovery solutions, we offer a seamless experience that meets all clients’ discovery needs. This integration ensures that clients do not have to look for multiple providers to handle different aspects of their document management and discovery requirements. Instead, they can rely on us for a unified approach that enhances efficiency and reduces the complexity of managing large-scale projects.

Our Commitment to Client Success

The core of our service offering continues to be a commitment to client success. We adopt a client-centric approach in all projects, working closely with each organization to understand its unique challenges and goals. This dedication ensures that our solutions are practical and aligned with our client’s broader strategic objectives.

As our traditional paper services line grows at an unprecedented rate and becomes an increasingly important part of our business, we will certainly continue to listen to our clients when they tell us what they need and prioritize meeting those needs. We are also working to put all the same structures and processes around paper services that we have around our eDiscovery offerings. It’s all discovery and all evidence, ultimately needing to be supported as one.


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