In the complex world of legal proceedings, eDiscovery document review plays an essential role. Our offerings in this domain are designed to enhance client results through precision, efficiency, and innovation. We focus on three primary areas of service: Advanced Predictive Coding, Secure Review Hosting, and Review Staffing and Management.

Advanced Predictive Coding

Predictive Coding is transforming the way legal professionals approach eDiscovery. Our advanced predictive coding service is crafted to bring unprecedented precision and efficiency to the eDiscovery process:

  • Technology Integration: Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we ensure that document responsiveness, privilege, and issue relation are assessed and predicted before manual document review.
  • Expert Reviewer Assistance: Our team of skilled reviewers accelerates the eDiscovery review process, enhancing accuracy and consistency.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: By employing predictive coding as part of the overall eDiscovery process, we reduce both the time and cost associated with manual first-pass document review.

Secure Review Hosting

Security is paramount in the legal industry. Our Secure Review Hosting offering stands as a testament to our commitment to safeguarding sensitive information:

  • Flexible Platforms: Legal professionals have the ability to load data files into our hosted review platform or their chosen platform, ensuring customization to specific needs.
  • Best-of-Breed Platforms: Our review services are powered by industry-leading expertise and platforms that guarantee a seamless and secure review process.
  • Tailored Security Measures: We provide a secure environment to examine documents for relevance, responsiveness, privilege, and confidentiality, reflecting our dedication to security and privacy.

Review Staffing and Management

Our Review Staffing and Management services are designed to provide expert talent for a comprehensive and rigorous examination of legal documents:

  • Expertly Trained Legal Review Attorneys: We combine teams of expertly trained legal review attorneys with an integrated, forensically sound eDiscovery review platform to ensure rapid, accurate, and defensible document reviews.
  • On-Shore and Off-Shore Teams: Led and managed by U.S. licensed attorneys, our teams support tasks that include coding screen development based on responsiveness, privilege, importance, and confidentiality.
  • Efficient Document Review Management: Organization, training, and validation of review team activities are systematically executed to ensure efficient document review.

Transforming eDiscovery Review Outcomes

We are dedicated to transforming client results through our innovative eDiscovery document review solutions. Our offerings in advanced predictive coding, secure review hosting, and expert staffing management are crafted to meet the unique challenges faced by legal professionals.

Whether it’s through technological innovation or expert-led solutions, we stand ready to assist you in your review needs in audits, investigations, and litigation.

Contact us today for a comprehensive discussion on how our offerings can transform your review outcomes.