Building eDiscovery databases that actually work can be a challenge, but it’s one that we pride ourselves in taking on.

Functional eDiscovery Databases

Simply collecting data and adding it to a spreadsheet isn’t enough. To be searchable, functional, and actually usable, eDiscovery databases need to be intentionally designed. Our expert team works with you to build a customized database and efficient review process to help you achieve your goals.

Not only does our approach save you time and money, it also allows us to strategize effectively, and craft search terms that suit your exact situation along with utilizing other data culling methods. No more sifting through endless results because your terms were too broad, or being unable to find any results because the search was too narrow. We also leverage technology to assist with your review; from deploying analytics and using near-dupe technology to utilizing technology assisted review (TAR).

We work hard to make your next eDiscovery experience your best one. Instead of spending endless hours and precious funds collecting, recollecting, and organizing data, we can take you straight to the next steps of building your case.

Easy Document Review

In addition to designing our databases with the end in mind, we manage document review teams for you.

Complete Legal provides reviewing in-house, as a contracted service, and even in partnership with a 3rd party review company. Our goal is always to complete the review on time and on budget. We provide customized review and management processes and pride ourselves on consistently reducing deadline panic for our clients.

We’ve worked so hard to develop efficient workflows for the review process that we just can’t keep it a secret. To that end, we’re happy to show your team how to use the eDiscovery database in a way that suits your strategy while maximizing efficiency. We’ll guide everyone through the process, and answer all questions along the way.

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