Complete Legal can collect iPhones remotely, without separating your clients from their devices

We are excited to announce that we offer a fully remote option for the targeted collection of smartphones. Not only does this new service offering keep you from having to separate your clients and custodians from their devices, but it also assures the utmost privacy while providing eDiscovery-grade data security protections.

This new service, enabled through a partnership with innovative software provider ModeOne, will be additive and complement our existing suite of data collection tools and will create more flexibility for our clients and their custodians.

Some of the benefits include:

Fully-remote data acquisition solution

  • Complete Legal can now perform fully remote mobile collections without the use of a mobile collection kit.
  • Your custodians can be located anywhere in the world while we perform the collection of their device. All they need is their phone, charging cable, and a computer (with internet connection).

Targeted device collections – increasing privacy

  • Not only can we now collect your devices remotely, but we can also make those collections targeted.
  • This means collecting only the data you need, and protecting custodian privacy by excluding personal data such as photos, notes, and emails.

Improved reporting and document review

  • We’ve streamlined our mobile data conversion process which means easier and more efficient review for our clients, using existing database platforms.
  • This means that reviewing text message conversations in Venio or Relativity will now look like they do on your phone.

Faster speed to review

  • Our new process and technology shaves days off the traditional workflows used to acquire data from smartphones and other mobile devices. In fact, we can create reports for review the same day if needed.

While the way we communicate and store data continues to evolve, we will continuously strive to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

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