Complete Legal begins 2023 positioned to bring more value to our clients than ever before.

That’s not hyperbole either.

We spent much of last year improving Complete Legal so that we can be a better partner to our customers. There were upgrades all around to our technology, our processes and most importantly, to our people.

Not only did we add tremendous leaders and years of experience to our team, but we also grew because many of our existing employees worked on and learned new skills. Nobody took on a bigger challenge (and crushed it) than Data Collection Specialist, Andrew Meinheit.

Andrew joined our team in April of 2021. He came with a strong background in law firm IT work but with no direct experience or knowledge in the specific area of data collections and forensics. Andrew immediately began learning and gaining certifications to defensibly collect data. As our data collections business continued to rapidly grow, Andrew’s contributions have been paramount in our success. As our clients began asking for more and more forensic analysis and investigation work, we were left without a solution for this problem inside of our organization. Andrew volunteered to do something about it.

Andrew enrolled in training and after a year’s work (in addition to his day job) successfully completed the required coursework, tests, and practicums to earn the title of Certified Computer Examiner.

The designation of Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) is awarded by the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners. The CCE certification is widely considered the most desired certification in the computer forensics industry.

Using a certified computer examiner for your data collections and forensic analysis offers many benefits to clients. Certified computer examiners have the expertise and knowledge to properly collect, analyze, and authenticate evidence in a legally compliant manner. They can also track individual user activity on a network and organize findings in a legal context. With their help, clients can ensure that their data is collected and analyzed in a reliable and admissible way in court.

After completing the rigors of the CCE certification process, a successful candidate is qualified and able to proficiently execute all duties required of a CCE specialist. Specifically, Andrew is now proficient in the following areas, as it applies to Computer Forensics:

  • Forensic examination ethics and law
  • Forensics software
  • Hardware devices
  • Computer networks
  • Mobile devices
  • Operating systems
  • Acquiring data
  • Full forensic examinations
  • Understanding file systems and how data is stored
  • Most importantly, how to present his findings in a court of law, so that we can better serve you, our clients

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Complete Legal is one of the only eDiscovery companies in the region with our own forensics team. We stand ready to collect and process your data.