Backfile Conversion Service 

As experts at digitally transforming workplaces and workspaces with our document scanning and archiving services, L2’s Backfile Conversion Service helps organizations strategically and operationally convert paper records into digital formats that reduce physical storage costs, increase organizational information access efficiency, and enable more effective compliance with records management requirements.

Backfile Conversion Benefits

  • Reduced Storage and Management Costs (Decrease Cost)
  • Increased Information Access Efficiency (Increase Productivity)
  • Decreased Potential Compliance Liability (Decrease Risk)

L2 Services’ Backfile Conversion Program

L2 Services helps business and legal organizations gain document digitization and consolidation, maintain an ongoing environment of immediate and searchable access to documents, and attain document policy and records management compliance. Based on implementing the appropriate mix of backfile conversion approaches, L2 Services can help reduce paper and the storage requirements associated with paper documents while increasing the productivity of individuals, departments, and entire companies by providing them with searchable access to active documents.

Typical Backfile Conversion Approaches

  • Full Conversion: A conversion of all existing documents into a consolidated digital document environment. This conversion typically only includes active documents and documents within records management compliance.
  • Limited Conversion: A conversion of a specified corpus of documents chosen for conversion. This conversion typically includes a context-driven reason for the limited conversion, such as a specific date range or a specific category of documents.
  • Day Forward Conversion: A conversion of documents forward from the implementation date of a backfile scanning program. This approach allows for immediate implementation of backfile conversion with the flexibility for making document conversion decisions for older documents at a future time.
  • On-Request Conversion: A conversion approach where there is no plan to digitize older documents, but when a document is requested, it is collected, scanned, indexed, organized, delivered, and maintained as part of a consolidated digital repository.

L2’s team of document management, litigation support, and legal discovery experts can help you evaluate, engage, and integrate our backfile conversion service using a proven and holistic approach to considering backfile conversion and how it can improve your organization’s information efficiency and economics.

L2 Services’ Backfile Approach

  • Assessing and Analyzing the current landscape of your documents within the context of your document management goals to determine the best approaches to digitizing and consolidating documents based on location, file formats (paper, digital, and digital networked), file types, and desired ongoing usage profile (archive, active, and immediate access)
  • Collecting and Scanning all documents being digitized (paper) and consolidated (electronically stored information) and preparing them for use in the digital storage and records management platforms of your choice.
  • Indexing and Organizing all documents, so they are easily accessible, searchable, and organized to meet policy and records management requirements.
  • Delivering and Maintaining all documents in the format required to the location needed (physical or virtual), with the accessibility desired (active, archived, stored, destroyed).

With the expertise and reach to support large and small on-site and off-site projects, our Backfile Conversion Services allow for the coordinated, organized, and trackable translation of paper documents into digital assets while reducing storage space requirements and compliance liability. Additionally, given our core litigation support and electronic discovery focus, we can securely archive and store your digital assets while supporting the defensible destruction of paper documents.

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Join our many customers in understanding why L2 Services continues to be the best fit for corporations and law firms needing full-service support when business needs and legal matters require digitized and discoverable documents. We would also be grateful to share with you how our paper and discovery services, including our new Backfile Conversion Service, may help you achieve the desired outcomes in the timeframes you need at costs you can afford.

From business and litigation support to electronic discovery, L2 is your premium partner for all your paper and digital management and discovery needs.

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