Digitization and Printing Managed Service

With the business and legal world rapidly moving out of COVID constraints, now may be the time to consider consolidating your support of digitization and printing requirements with one proven provider that can address these needs across the entire United States.

One Agreement and One Specialized Partner for All of Your National Needs

L2 Services is the premier full-service litigation support provider with the ability to manage all your digitization and printing requirements through its Chicago and New York support centers and extensive national network of service partners. One managed service agreement with us, L2 Services, allows you to coordinate and consolidate all of your digitization and printing requests regardless of domestic fulfillment location. At the same time, we monitor and manage those requests from planning to delivery. We also administrate the complete billing of services within our partner network, so you only have to manage one agreement and billing cycle with one partner, L2 Services.

Increase Operational Efficiency While Increasing Your Support Reach

Consolidation of support with us can also help you increase your operational efficiency while increasing your reach, and ability to support internal (firm or department) and external (client) digitization and printing needs throughout the United States. A win-win value proposition that substantially decreases your coordination overhead and corresponding time and monetary costs in supporting these tasks.

Focus on Law, Not Coordination

To learn more about our digitalization and printing managed service, contact us today and let us be the one hand to hold in supporting and managing these coordination-intensive services that enable you to focus on the practice of law, not the business of coordination.

Anytime. Anywhere. Always There.

Join our many customers in understanding why L2 Services continues to be the best fit for litigation support needs for law firms and corporations needing full-service support when cases take them to new cities and unfamiliar jurisdictions. We would be grateful for the opportunity to share with you in detail how our new digitization and printing managed service may help you achieve the outcomes you desire in the timeframes you need at costs you can afford.

About L2 Services

L2 Services helps clients address the legal, business, and information technology challenges associated with the legal discovery core tasks of collection, processing, and review for all digital and print information types, formats, and volumes. Serving law firms, corporations, and governmental departments with an end-to-end portfolio of services, L2 Services is the premier full-service litigation support service provider serving the nation, coast to coast.