Nicole Supinski

Meet Nicole Supinski

At Precise Legal, we’ve provided expert legal services for over ten years across St.Louis and beyond. But some people still don’t know us as well as we’d like them to, so we had our team fill out a questionnaire to better inform our clients and prospects who we are as a company.
Today, we’ll introduce you to Nicole Supinski, the Project Manager at Precise Legal.

1. What is your role at Precise Legal?  

Production Manager 

2. What year did you begin working at Precise Legal?  


3. Where are you from?  

Granite City, Illinois 

4. Where did you go to school?  

St. Louis Community College – Florissant Valley 

5. What is your experience in the legal industry?  

I have 13 years of experience in the legal industry 

6. What do you enjoy about litigation support and eDiscovery?  

I enjoy the variety of projects that come in. Every day is different, and it keeps things interesting. 

7. What do you like to do in your free time?  

I love watching my kids play sports and hanging out with my friends and family. 

8. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?  

Chicken parm 

9. What are your favorite quotes?  

“Everything happens for a reason.” 

10. Blues or Cardinals?  


11. Grant’s Farm or St. Louis Zoo?  

Grant’s Farm 

12. The Hill or Delmar Loop?  

The Hill 

13. Gooey butter cake or toasted ravioli?  

Toasted Ravioli