RelativityRelativity recently released a more modern user interface: Aero UI, which makes the platform feel more intuitive and provide lightning-fast processing speeds.

This new UI will be available for Complete Legal clients in August 2022 (note: this has been pushed back from June 2022 to minimize disruptions).

The four main changes you’ll see are:

  1. Modern look and feel: The interface is more intuitive and easier to use than ever before. It features a new color palette which optimizes data visualization and reporting.
  2. Lightning-fast performance: Performance improvements mean much faster doc-to-doc and jump-in speeds to allow you the fastest review experience possible.
  3. New viewer: The re-organized document viewer provides a simple and powerful document review experience, making it easier to draw insights from your data.
  4. Workflow-based navigation: The improved tab navigation experience reduces unnecessary clicks and decisions to get you what you need faster. The introduction of breadcrumbs makes it easier to stay organized.

Other features we’re excited about:

  • Search Term Report improvements
    • These improvements mean you can now test search terms live
    • The improved document viewer thumbnails show you changes in hits within a document
  • Contextual Search Thumbnails
    • These new thumbnails provide the surrounding 100 characters before and after search hits from the in-Viewer search box
    • This gives you more context in your searches and makes it easier to navigate to the most relevant search
  • Easier to Export PDFS
    • New and improved workflow for exporting or printing PDFs with an option to make them searchable
  • Highlight improvements provide better contrast and make highlights easier to read
  • Review of text messages and chats now includes read receipts when available

Contact Us to Review the Changes Together

Schedule a call with the Project Management team to review the changes and ensure you’re set up for success.

Learn more about the Aero UI release on the Relativity website here.