Complete Legal is excited to share we are now offering DISCO Ediscovery, a modern, forward-looking eDiscovery tool that is quickly becoming the default choice for law firms.

DISCO is a lawyer-driven, native-cloud SaaS solution designed to give law firms total control over their eDiscovery data, workflows, and costs with transparent, predictable pricing and a powerfully intuitive, easy-to-use technology that delivers more accurate results, faster.

“We’re excited to bring DISCO to our clients. From a cost predictability standpoint, it’s a game changer,” Jeff Dreiling, Complete Legal Co-Founder, shares. “It gives us an option for legal teams who need customizable review workflows with powerful analytics and scalable and predictable pricing built in. DISCO is a great option for almost every case.”

DISCO boasts several unique advantages:

Visual Search Tools

DISCO’s visual search tools enable reviewers to interactively visualize the entire document set, no matter how large, with zero setup. From email timelines to breakdowns of custodians and document types, you can point-and-click to explore data, instantly and intuitively.

Plus, Search Visualization charts allow you to drill down in real time, helping to discover trends and validate hypothesis about the data.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)

DISCO’s AI gives precise predictions very quickly. DISCO knows what is relevant to your review, so it examines the document, taking into account the order, meaning of words, and sentence structure to arrive at intelligent insight as to whether the document is of substance to your review, cutting down on the time needed to review documents, and helping you score relevant or not relevant documents.

Plus, this feature is included with every case, at no additional charge.

Customized Review Workflows

From a small case with a handful of reviewers to multi-terabyte cases with hundreds of reviewers, DISCO can easily design and optimize your review process in real-time with visual analytics.

Easily segment and prioritize your data into review stages and use Key Metrics to recognize outlying decisions made by reviewers, stay up-to-date with completion date expectations, objectively quantify team performance, understand tagging trends, and get a snapshot of your overall review process on demand.

Predictable all-inclusive pricing

Billing is based off source data set so there is absolute cost certainty, making DISCO an ideal solution when cost is the most important factor.

Beyond no billing surprises, there are no user fees and unlimited users. Even better, everything is included in every case, regardless of size.

Built By Attorneys for Attorneys

“DISCO was initially developed at a litigation boutique in Houston,” Marcelo Vieira, DISCO Vice President, Corporate Development, says. “It was born out of the firm’s frustration with conventional eDiscovery tools that were slow and difficult for lawyers to use. Instead of being forced to adapt our work methods to technology, we wanted to invent technology that works the way lawyers work. DISCO was the result, and we are reinventing legal technology to automate and simplify complex and error-prone tasks that distract from practicing law.”

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