We are excited to support Steps of Faith Foundation, an organization that reconnects amputees to their communities, families, and workforces by relieving the financial burden of prosthetic care.

By sponsoring Thundergong, we are helping uninsured and underinsured amputees get the prosthetic limbs they need – restoring mobility and restoring possibilities.

“Eric, Jeff, and I spoke with Billy Brimblecom, Jr., Founder and Executive Director of Steps of Faith. Billy was so passionate and explained the mission to support adults who have gone through really tough situations where they have lost limbs and are in need of prosthetic limbs to get their life back,” says Complete Legal Executive Assistant Samarah Mungo. “He shared how helping to come together to help those that are underinsured or uninsured changes lives and helps people regain their confidence and get joy back in their life. After speaking with him, we all felt we had to be a part of this and support their mission.”

“With the help of our Steps of Faith donors, we are able to remove the physical limitations that amputees face, empowering them to focus on overcoming new challenges,” shared Steps of Faith Executive Director Billy Brimblecom, Jr.

Thundergong is a benefit concert and variety show for Steps of Faith Foundation. The raucous evening of rock ‘n’ roll-fueled fundraising is hosted by Jason Sudeikis.

Learn more about Steps of Faith Foundation and Thundergong on their websites.