We are thrilled to share that Bradette Groves has been promoted to Director of eDiscovery.

Bradette has been with Complete Legal since 2017, as the Director of Project Management. Before that she was a litigation paralegal for more than 15 years and was a client of Complete Legal’s before joining the team.

“When we hired Bradette four years ago, we had very high expectations for her to lead and grow our Project Management team and to create a better experience for our clients,” Jeff Dreiling, Complete Legal Co-Founder, shared. “She has far surpassed those expectations and earned the role of Director of eDiscovery, our largest business unit. She has demonstrated leadership, problem-solving and a dedication to our team and clients again and again.”

“Starting out as a Complete Legal client gave me the unique perspective to know what worked and what needed to be improved from a client experience standpoint. In the years since joining Complete Legal, I’ve made focusing on what our clients need a primary consideration for my team,” Groves, shared.

“I have spent the last four years listening and learning, as well as advising law firms and corporations on how to engage in this process on a deeper level. I consider myself and my team a part of our client’s case team on each engagement. As the Director of eDiscovery, I will bring that same mindset, and the results it yields, to more organizations and help bring the Complete Legal experience to more clients. I look forward to it.”

Please join us in congratulating Bradette!