We are proud to share that Director of Project Management, Bradette Groves, recently served as co-chair for Family Health Care KC’s Tacos & Beer On The Boulevard fundraiser.

“I originally became involved with Family Health Care KC to help raise funds to provide care and supplies to underprivileged families in need of basic health and wellness care like prenatal services and dental health,” Bradette Groves, shared.

“Not everyone has access to healthcare and it’s so important for people to have a place they can go to for help. Family Health Care KC is a great place that strives to care for our community. I believe it is our job and duty to help our fellow community, and I’m proud to co-chair this event.”

In addition, Complete Legal was a sponsor of the event. All the money from Tacos & Beer On The Boulevard went directly to Family Health Care KC.

About Family Health Care KC

Since 1989, Family Health Care (FHC), a non-profit safety net clinic, has provided health services on a sliding scale for those who do not have insurance. They began by assessing the most pressing health concerns in the community and have focused on caring for those who have the least options – people with HIV and serious illnesses, pregnant women and other needy populations. Learn more about Family Health Care KC here.