We spent much of the last year looking in the mirror, trying to objectively identify the things we love about ourselves and more painfully, admitting the things we need to improve. Our goal? To continue to grow to serve a larger set of clients, while delivering the same or higher quality service and solutions.

This review has included every aspect of our business, including our office. What we think you’ll find more important than where we are physically located is our commitment to improve on each and every aspect of your customer experience. Let’s take a look:

complete legal new officeNew Office

Our people and our culture are everything to us, and we decided to make a big move to allow our work family to flourish. We purchased a standalone building at 5905 Martway St. in Mission, Kansas and have spent the last year renovating it to make it both professional, and comfortable.

We are thrilled to be moved in and to reestablish and strengthen our culture coming off of 16 months of separation from each other.

New Website

In addition to our new space, we have a new digital home. Our website has relaunched with new messaging and new photography of our team and space. It serves as a more accurate representation of who we are today, not who we were a few years ago.

Technology Offerings

We’ve undertaken a complete review of our technology offerings with an eye towards consolidation and consistency. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements about additional database options and access to new and emerging technologies.

Data Collections

andrew meinheit data collectionsThe importance of data collections continues to grow and we’ve responded accordingly, expanding the headcount and capabilities of our data collections team.

As part of that, we’d like to introduce you to Andrew Meinheit, our new Data Collection Specialist who spent four years in the Marine Corps working on computer hardware and software and an additional five years serving as the Head of IT of a very successful KC law firm.

Learn more about Andrew, and see his contact information, on his bio.

Traditional Discovery Services

As we make improvements to our business, we’re not changing who we are. We have listened to you and know there is still a need for a range of traditional services, from digitizing paper records to printing documents to provide to opposing counsel.

Rediscover eDiscovery

This year has already seen a tremendous consolidation of eDiscovery companies, all done in an effort to gain efficiencies and drive shareholder value. What this usually means for the customer is less customization, personalization, and fewer options. Those things take time and money.

We’ve chosen to zig while the rest zag.

We have doubled down on our commitment to provide customized eDiscovery services for cases and clients of almost any size and we look forward to helping you “Rediscover eDiscovery”.

Rediscover eDiscovery is more than just a slogan to us.

We believe there are several fantastic eDiscovery “platforms” and “review tools” in the market. There are also several powerful technology assisted review algorithms and dozens of other “add-ins” that make everything work a little better. The problem is, none of these are the best option for every case.

Our mission is to bring you the correct workflow and review tool, incorporating all of the bells and whistles needed for you case, and nothing more. This streamlines the entire process and keeps your budget in the forefront. We work to deliver the highest value to you, not just the lowest price.

Most importantly, we want to build long term relationships with each and every one of our customers. To us, building a relationship means that in return for your loyalty, you receive greater value and more services than you could receive anywhere else.

Upcoming Happy Hours: Reconnect. Rediscover eDiscovery.

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