Over the years, we have received a lot of interest in onsite services and have completed numerous onsite scanning projects – both large and small. Let’s look at what onsite services are and how it works. 

Why Are Onsite Services Important?

Sometimes documents can’t leave your facility because the information is too valuable or the risk is too high. Other times you prefer the documents to stay on location. We get it! 
We also know that having the documents scanned provides many benefits to you and your firm:

  • Reduces the need to carry essential documents out of the office
  • Reduces the risk of security issues
  • Houses your legal documents in a more central electronic repository
  • Improves information management efficiency in your office
  • Provides a disaster recovery plan for your essential files

What Are Onsite Services?

Onsite services allow you to keep documents on-site. We bring our high-quality document scanning and imaging services to your location. 
Over the years, we have perfected the onsite services process: 

  • First, we set up a call to discuss your needs and determine logistics, timing, equipment, and materials
  • Next, we send a team equipped with the necessary equipment to your location to set up a mobile scanning operation.
  • While there, we scan the desired documents and convert your paper case files to digital files
  • Finally, we handle all clean-up, leaving your office better than we found it

With our experienced team, you can make one call and know that we will handle all the details, so you can focus on more important things.

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