We’re thrilled to be featured on the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association’s podcast, In Re KCMBA. As the Official eDiscovery Partner of the KCMBA, we join Attorneys Samuel Wendt and Bill Martucci to discuss eDiscovery, ESI, and making the most of remote litigation.

Podcast Guests & Hosts

  • Sam Wendt, Attorney, Wendt Law Firm P.C.
  • Bill Martucci, Attorney, Shook Hardy & Bacon
  • Eric Kelting, Co-Founder, Complete Legal
  • Jeff Dreiling, Co-Founder, Complete Legal

eDiscovery Discussion Points

We share our expertise on all things eDiscovery, including:

  • Data, electronic data and electronic stored information (ESI)
    • Things like: email, Word documents, mobile devices, social media and collaboration tools like Slack
  • The basics of eDiscovery (aka Electronic Discovery)
  • How Complete Legal helps clients solve issues with data, like:
    • Identifying data needs
    • Requesting data
    • Reviewing and organizing data
  • When is it best to engage an eDiscovery provider like Complete Legal
    • Traditionally eDiscovery and eDiscovery consultants were only used on big cases, but now it’s cost-effective and efficient to bring us in on even smaller cases
  • With the pandemic, a lot of attorneys are turning to eDiscovery and databases based on the need to review things remotely
  • And bonus content like: Deduplication, spoliation of documents, ADR (alternative dispute resolution)

Listen to the full podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or inrekcmba.com!