It is customary to use the end of the year as a marker in time to appreciate our accomplishments, acknowledge our failures, and to evaluate what we learned during the previous 12 months. This year has been unusual in so many ways already, so I think I’ll break with that custom. Partially because we have written many blog posts on a personal level this year, so you probably already know a lot about our 2020. But mostly because we’re excited for the future in so many ways.

We have been hard at work to discover what our customers appreciate about us and and more importantly, some things you would like to see improved as well. By listening to your questions and suggestions, surveying and interviewing and evaluating trends, we feel better prepared for 2021 than any year before. These are some of the things we are looking forward to.

1. Helping our clients rediscover eDiscovery

It shouldn’t be painful to get the information you need to succeed – whether that’s discovering a smoking gun in a haystack of digital data, protecting your team from excessive requests and scrutiny, or simply knowing what to expect from our invoices. That’s why in 2021 we’re committed to helping you rediscover eDiscovery.

Our eDiscovery experts will work through every step with you, as part of your team.

  • Preparedness consulting
  • Protocol consulting
  • Discovery preparation
  • Data collection and processing
  • Database design and build
  • Database hosting
  • Database training

We are here to remove the eDiscovery intimidation factor, making it painless for you to get the information you need to succeed – from our no-cost, first consultation to the last invoice.

We will help you solve eDiscovery, so you can take advantage of less mess and surprises, more efficiencies, and higher case values.

2. Leveraging emerging technology like ESI Analyst

As the sources that we collect data from (computer, server, mobile devices, social media, light bulbs, etc.) continue to multiply, the software needed to review all of those sources has lagged behind.

Is 2021 the year where our review and production options, for these new sources of data, close the gap? We think so.

There have been several large investments announced in the legal technology world recently. More importantly, there have been dozens of small investments made into emerging legal software too. While it’s important for the larger and more established softwares to continue to invest in keeping their existing solutions up to date, it is more important that new softwares come along to solve new problems and that they are able to stick around long enough to get noticed.

In a recent conversation with a friend who is well versed on such things, I learned that there has been a surge in early-stage angel investing in the legal technology space. These aren’t investments that grab headlines, but our hope is that in short time, we will all see the dividends hit the marketplace. One such example is ESI Analyst.

We established a partnership with this innovative software recently because they stood out for their innovation. Instead of taking an existing software and improving it, they actually solved a new problem. That problem is how can you take data from these hundreds of new data sources and compare it to other sources and also present it in a user-friendly format:

  • Text messages next to smart car data
  • LinkedIn messages next to refrigerator door logs (yes, they keep track of each open)
  • WhatsApp next to Sharepoint data and on and on

Additionally, they have designed their software with the end in mind.

Gone are the days of explaining cell tower triangulation to an overwhelmed jury. Instead, ESI Analyst utilizes available geolocation data that travels with most application data, to create overlay maps so that instead of explaining a series of coordinates, you can now show the jury a map with the exact location somebody was when they executed just about any action on their mobile device.
ESI Analyst Screenshot

3. Moving to a new home!

After six years in our current office, the time has come for us to make a change. We are very excited about what we have in the works.

Anyone who has made it this far in the blog likely knows how important our culture is to our success. Our people quite simply are our business. For that reason, we are excited to provide a new home where we can grow in both size and culture.

More to come on this development but you know as soon as we get past “our current situation” we can’t wait to have a huge party to see you all again and share our new office with you. Stay tuned.

These are just some of the things we are excited for in 2021. Mostly we are hopeful for a chance to see everyone again. Until that time, stay safe and know that we are thankful for you.

Rediscover eDiscovery

Let’s talk about how we can help you get the information you need to minimize messes and be successful. Our rates are designed with your success in mind – to help you maximize the value of your cases as well as Complete Legal’s value to you.