We are dedicated to providing an exceptional level of support to each of our clients, but our work goes beyond that. We are also committed to giving back to our community.

We’ve shared before how passionate we are about Big Brothers Big Sisters – Kansas City and this summer we’re supporting them again through fundraising efforts. Big Brothers Big Sisters is changing the lives of children in our community with every match they make by by harnessing the power of one-to-one mentoring,

The world is an uncertain place right now, and many of the children in the BBBS-KC program are experiencing feelings of loneliness and anxiety. We all need our people during this uncertain time, and that is especially true for our Littles.

That’s why we are dedicated to supporting the mission of friendship and connection through Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you believe in the power of friendship and want to help us ignite, empower, and defend potential in children and teens, we hope you’ll join us by donating today.

Together, we are Defenders of Potential.