These are uncertain times, no doubt about it. We are all struggling to find a new normal where we stay home, homeschool our children, try to get work done and manage our new co-workers, Fido and Spot.

But even with all of that going on, we are so thankful to be Kansas Citians and to have you as our colleagues.

When we pause to look around and focus in on the good, we are inspired to see Kansas City coming together:

  • Rieger & Co. makes hand sanitizer: This week alone the local distiller will produce enough hand sanitizer to deliver 10,000 2-liter bottles to area hospitals.
  • BaristaKC launches virtual tip jar: BaristaKC, a local group of baristas, has started a virtual tip jar to support baristas who are out of work and in need. Donate here.
  • The creation of the Kansas City Regional COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund: A group of Kansas City-area foundations and organizations have created a fund to raise at least $10 million for local charities and public organizations. Donate here.
  • B&B offers free drive-thru weddings: The Victorian Veranda Country Inn in Lawrence is offering free drive-through weddings complete with social distancing. Book your wedding here :-).
  • Restaurant Black Sheep converts into community kitchen: Black Sheep is now offering ‘pay what you can’ boxed lunches. Learn more here.
  • Kansas Citians offer help: On places like Nextdoor and Reddit and with personal phone calls and text messages, kind Kansas Citians are checking in with each other, asking, ‘how are you?’ and ‘how can I help?’.

Stories like these inspire us. While this time isn’t easy on any of us, we know that together we will get through it.

Through our #CompleteLegalCares program, we are proud to support organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters-KC, Harvesters and Giving the Basics, and we will continue to do so. We’re also committed to doing our part by checking in with those we care about and offering a helping hand where we can.

So, the question is, how can we help you, our friends and colleagues?

  • Are there eDiscovery questions we can answer to make your work a little easier each day?
  • Is there a message you need help promoting on social media?
  • Are you looking for a solution or an introduction and could use some insight?
  • Do you need a laugh and want a funny GIF sent your way?

We welcome you to contact us at any time. While we are out of the office (#StayHomeKC), you can reach us at 913.297.1730, which has been forwarded and will be monitored from 8AM until 5PM each weekday. Or you can always email us at

As we continue to figure out how we can be of value to our community, we encourage you to do the same.

  • Is there a friend, neighbor or colleague you can check on today?
  • Can you encourage your law firm and colleagues to help those in need?
  • Can you share a positive message on social media?

We may not have all the answers just yet, but we’re Kansas Citians and we’ll figure this out together.