We are proud to partner with the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association’s (KCMBA) as as a Platinum-level Affinity partner and their Official eDiscovery Partner as a commitment to Kansas City’s legal community.

When we started Complete Legal in 2014, our primary goals were to bring world class litigation support to all trial attorneys in Kansas City, regardless of the size of the law firm they practice within and to build a company with a great culture that puts its employees and clients ahead of the bottom line.

With careers in the legal community since the early 2000s, we both witnessed a lot of litigation support and eDiscovery companies turn their back on Kansas City’s legal community. This was partially due to the large number of small and medium sized law firms in Kansas City making it increasingly difficult for large, private equity backed, service providers to achieve consistent and predictable growth within our fragmented legal market. Simply put, it’s just as hard to sell to a small firm as it is to a large one, so they mostly packed up and focused their resources on communities with a more centralized concentration of litigators within larger firms; more bang for their buck.

That’s why we founded Complete Legal; with a vision to serve all trial lawyers, including those working within small and medium sized firms, with the kind of care and attention they deserved. To accomplish this, we knew we needed to offer more than a few pennies per gigabyte lower on our client’s hosting bill if we wanted to be successful. We knew we needed to consult, educate and assist our clients as partners in the discovery process as if we were members of their case team. In order to achieve this, our investments would be made first in people, second in technology.

By looking at overall value versus simply unit pricing, we are able to help each of our clients achieve significant overall cost reduction and spend their time reviewing and learning the most critical documents to their case.

We started Complete Legal as a commitment to Kansas City’s legal community, a community we’ve been part of for nearly 20 years. Partnering with the KCMBA is a natural extension of what we care about and who we serve.

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