I’ve found that most successful people are those who realize we all possess two valuable things you should never waste: time and money.

Not everyone has money, in fact most work their entire lives to earn enough to live a comfortable lifestyle to support their families. But, the richest person in the world and the homeless person you pass on the street share one thing, both have exactly the same amount of time:

24 hours a day
730 hours a month
8,760 hours a year

The question is: how do we spend this precious commodity? How do we use the valuable 24 hours we are given every day?

Everyone wants to be happy and it has been said there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. So, in my opinion, to truly give is to give of something that we all have the same amount of, not just what we have in excess. To truly give something valuable is to give of our time.

My life, like most people’s lives, is always full of things to do and people to care for, but taking a bit of a time to give to someone in need has always brought me happiness. This is why Complete Legal Cares is so important to me. The Complete Legal Cares initiative allows me and my co-workers to give not just of the excess money we may earn, but also of one of the most valuable things we all have the same amount of: our time. Complete Legal Cares allows us to give to others who may not have things they need or have not been treated with kindness when they should have been and in return, we are a happier and better team for it.

Complete Legal Cares brings employees together to help the community in a variety of settings. Some of the ways we’ve given back to Kansas City are:

  • Taking an hour or two out of our day to help box food at Harvesters Community Food Kitchen
  • Hosting fundraisers and joining in on the Most Wanted Auction through Big Brothers Big Sisters-Kansas City
  • Spending 2 hours on a Saturday to rake someone’s yard who is unable to do so themselves through The Whole Person
  • Getting together after work to cook dinner for a family going through a medical hardship at Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Hosting a drive for Giving the Basics, collecting basics like toiletries for those who can’t afford them

With these arranged activities we can show kindness in small ways that can feel large when received by someone in need.

Complete Legal Cares is also special because it allows us to spend time together and learn from each other, building a stronger team and company. When we work side by side to reach company goals we feel satisfied knowing we did our job and provided for our family. When you add in the additional layer of working side by side volunteering together as part of Complete Legal Cares our team can feel more than satisfied, we can also feel happy; happy that we’ve given of one of our most valuable assets, our time. I am so grateful to be part of a company that values people and giving – giving in a way that is truly giving.

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