When we started Complete Legal, our primary intention was to build a good company with a strong culture that cares about Kansas City.

Working in the legal community since the early 2000s, both Jeff and I saw a lot of good companies who were unwilling to invest in Kansas City and who had turned their backs on the community here, leaving a void in much-needed services.

We also realized there was a growing need of services for non-AM Law 100 firm clients, who were getting left behind by the litigation support industry’s high growth rate and private equity investment.

We became inspired by exploring opportunities to fill in the gaps left by these oversights, and we launched Complete Legal in 2014 with a mission to serve small and medium sized firms with the kind of care and attention they deserved.

With Complete Legal, we have sought to create an organization that puts clients first and delivers a level of service unparalleled to any other provider in the region. I have a heart for service, as does Jeff, and everyone we hire shares that same heart. We really do care about our clients. Their needs, not ours, guide every decision we make.

We don’t take the easy road when it’s time to conquer challenges. We carefully consider the best course of action and do whatever it takes to provide the level of support our clients and their teams need. Our team of experts possess diverse knowledge, extensive experience and a passion for helping others, and I truly believe they’re the best in the business at what they do.

So many companies provide solutions that are one-size fits all. We looked at what others in the industry were doing, and we knew that approach was not for us. Every case is different, and at Complete Legal, we believe in custom solutions based on the unique needs of the litigator and the legal team. Before diving into the work, the first step in any case is to stop, listen and develop a strategy that makes sense. We also recognize the specific obstacles that small and mid-sized firms face, and we’re here to walk alongside our clients and provide strategic guidance that allows them to compete no matter what resources the opposing counsel has.

Our foundation and our heart will always be in Kansas City, but our message and philosophy resonate throughout the region and the country. It’s not just our customized solutions or our supportive team of experts that attract attention. It’s the consistent results we deliver to clients that help them to excel in the courtroom and give them the best chance of winning. From pre-discovery to discovery and throughout trial, we’re committed to maximizing your investment and to giving you the options you need to succeed.

Are you ready to experience the Complete Legal difference?

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