When your team is going to trial, you need to put your best foot forward. But sometimes little issues can become big problems, both inside and outside the courtroom, distracting your team unnecessarily from the critical legal work that shapes the outcome of your trial.

With trial services, you have access to resources that support a cohesive trial strategy. Here are five ways that comprehensive trial services can support your team and boost your chances of success:

1. Better Trial Graphics

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? If you follow our blog, you know we’re passionate about the power of effective visuals (see Marie’s recent Trial Graphics blog post). Good visuals simplify a complex message, making it accessible for people from a variety of backgrounds and keeping your jury engaged in your narrative. Even for a bench trial, the right graphics can help a judge understand topics they may have less expertise in.

A litigation support specialist from our team can work with you to determine which types of graphics are the right fit and when is the right time to use them. Our extensive trial experience makes our team uniquely qualified to design and develop graphics that educate, engage and explain.

2. Improved Equipment

Technology can be overwhelming in the most ordinary circumstances. Add in the stress of a high stakes trial, and it can make or break your case. Whether its long HDMI cables stretched precariously across the courtroom or poor signal strength, there are many obstacles in a courtroom to prevent your technology from functioning properly.

Our team manages technology in the courtroom every single day, so we have your back. We purchase some of the best equipment on the market, including projectors, switches, amplifiers and cables. With more reliable equipment, and staff thoroughly trained on operation (see dedicated hot seat operator below), you can rest assured the technology will run seamlessly in the background, letting your argument shine without distraction.

3. A Dedicated Hot Seat Operator

If you’ve ever had a technical failure in the middle of your trial, you already know why a dedicated hot seat operator could be a game-changer. No matter how great your equipment is, technology fails all the time, especially when you’re switching and sharing with the opposing counsel. A screen goes blank, slides won’t load, or your iPad Trial Pad app fails. And in the moments you’re scrambling to troubleshoot the issue, the judge is getting impatient and your client begins questioning just how capable you really are.

In a trial, seconds matter. With a dedicated hot seat operator, you’ll have a resource who can troubleshoot extremely fast. Our team has managed hundreds of trials, so when it comes to software updates, rented technical equipment or preparing a backup, we don’t skip a beat. You’ll also take the pressure to be a technical expert off a paralegal, freeing them to focus on doing what they do best.

4. Better Exhibits with Less Hassle

Preparing your exhibits for the courtroom can be overwhelming. There’s scanning, stickering, printing and sorting to be done, usually coinciding with when you’re working around the clock to put the final touches on your case.

Our team can apply exhibit stickers electronically, print notebooks, access TrialDirector, create trial boards and develop graphics. We work cohesively in the background with your team, responding to changes in real-time and making sure all aspects of your physical and digital exhibits are done accurately and on-time.

5. Trial Hospitality

When you’re in the middle of a trial, the last thing you want to worry about is what you’re having for lunch or whether the witness room is stocked with water bottles.

Keep your whole team focused on the case while we take care of the rest. Whether it’s ordering meals, drinks and snacks for the war room, courthouse or witness room, we can customize hospitality services to your team’s needs and preferences.

Bonus: A Better Trip to Kansas City

If you’re visiting Kansas City, we’d like to welcome you and be your hospitality partner while you’re here. We can provide hotel recommendations, printer/copier rentals, coordinated chauffer services, catering and more. We even have a conference room/lounge/war room in our building with after-hours access, a big screen TV, fridge and kitchenette–perfect for working late with your team. Don’t rely on Google or burden your paralegal with sifting through hotel reviews. Let us make sure you have the best partners while you’re here and take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to ensure a comfortable stay that allows you to focus on the work at hand.

We’re also willing to travel with you to other cities, shipping or renting local equipment and coordinating all logistics for your team.

Considering Trial Services for Your Team?

Give us a call today to learn more about hiring the Complete Legal team to provide trial services for your upcoming trial. Alleviate the stress of managing multiple vendors or making sure your technology integrates flawlessly. Let the experts handle it and have your best trial yet!