In smaller cases, it can be very manageable for an attorney to run their own presentation to the jury or judge on an iPad or laptop, maybe even utilize a techy paralegal to help run the technology. However, when the case is larger, and the stakes are higher, it may benefit your team to have an expert on your side.

Whether you call them a Hot Seat Operator, Trial Technician/Consultant or Technology Consultant, this relatively new support position can be invaluable to your team in an electronic courtroom.

A trial consultant can help with a variety of things:

  • Help you best deliver an effective and efficient presentation
  • Act as a courtroom hot seat operator
  • Handle all technology including A/V setups
  • Offer litigation presentation consulting
  • Create litigation graphics and trial boards
  • Help with witness presentations

If you have never worked with a technology consultant on a trial, here are four ways they can improve your trial:

1. Help You Meet Jury Expectations with Visuals

Jurors have higher expectations of visuals, and digest information much differently now than they did 10 or 20 years ago. In fact, 65% of individuals are visual learners. As we move forward in a world of ever evolving information technology, the standards and expectations of courtroom graphics and presentations will continue to grow.

With an experienced Trial Consultant on your side, they can help with your trial presentation and trial graphics to boost the jurors understanding of your complex case.

2. Have a More Polished Trial

Beyond creating visuals that tell the story of your case, an experienced trial consultant can point out holes in your presentation and make suggestions to increase the understanding of the jury and judge.

A trial consultant can significantly boost the aesthetics and flow of your presentation, which will naturally raise the jurors understanding and ability to retain your main points.

3. Keep Up With The Competition

Another reason to consider bringing a trial technician on your team is that the other side may have one. The last thing you want is to be left behind or have your case move considerably slower than your opponent.

Attorneys used to think having a subpar presentation was endearing and made them look smaller or more like an underdog, but that tactic is no longer a factor in jury trials of today. Expectations are much higher for information and how it is delivered. Jurors (and judges) expect quick and concise information.

A hot seat operator will ensure things move quickly and efficiently and that you’re not the hold up, wasting the judge and jury’s valuable time.

4. Focus on What You Do Best

A seasoned trial technician doesn’t just make you look good, they make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about technology and logistics and the jury doesn’t have to awkwardly watch you shuffle around trying to find an exhibit that has already been admitted.

They enable things to move along much quicker in the courtroom, so the jury can stay focused on you and your case, and not be distracted by the team.

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