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Introducing: The new Complete Legal. Complete Legal is merging with Precise Legal and L2 Services.

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Customized solutions for your unique discovery challenges.

eDiscovery is about more than collecting, processing and hosting your data. Our experienced industry professionals view each case as an opportunity to solve your challenges and improve your case outcomes. And we offer follow up services that can better prepare you and your clients to respond to discovery requests more efficiently and effectively moving forward.

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Rediscover eDiscovery.

Complete Legal collects and organizes digital communications into one, easily searchable database.

Emails & Attachments
Emails & Attachments
Text Messages
Text Messages
Social Media
Social Media
File Share Drives
File Share Drives
Software & Business Tools
Software & Business Tools
Plus Everything Else Digital
Plus Everything Else Digital

Our eDiscovery experts will work through every step with you, as part of your team.

eDiscovery Consulting

Forensic Examination & Collection

Review Databases

Managed Review

Paper Services


We use the leading tech, extraordinarily.

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Data Collection & Forensic Examination
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Experience value beyond eDiscovery.

Our true value often comes not from our eDiscovery solutions, but from our forward-looking offerings in the areas of information governance and data management.

Whether it’s ensuring your organization has the correct data retention policy or auditing your organization’s compliance to your existing policies, we can set you up for savings and reduced risk exposure.

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